Angels & Airwaves live at The Filmore September 11th, 2019

Angels & Airwaves’ North American Tour made a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina this past week, and to say we were blown away by their performance is a bit of an understatement.

There is no greater feeling than seeing one of your favorite bands perform live, and what makes the experience even better is looking around the room to see that so many others are feeling exactly what you are in that moment.

That’s what an Angels & Airwaves show is.

The show kicked off with performances by Charming Liars and The New Regime who absolutely crushed it and left the audience excited for what was to come later that night.

Shortly after, Angels & Airwaves took the stage and kicked off with Surrender. They continued on to play songs like: Overload, It Hurts, Everything’s Magic, Paralyzed, and so many more. Not only did they have an amazing setlist, but their stage lighting and design was absolutely breathtaking.

As the night progressed and I continued to watch their performance, I kept glancing at the crowd, who sometimes sang so much louder than Tom DeLonge himself, and the amount of happiness that radiated from the packed room was astounding.

Angels & Airwaves are amazing performers and it’s easy to tell that they have just as much fun performing as the crowd does watching them.

Once the show was over, everyone swarmed to the merch table and all around comments about how amazing the show was were heard, and we do agree, it was an amazing show. I’m sure half of the people who attended that night are still trying to recover.

All in all, Angels & Airwaves are a must see band and completely know how to entrance a crowd. If you can, definitely catch them on this tour, you WON’T regret it.

Check out the setlist and photos from the night below!

Angels & Airwaves at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC Setlist:
1. Surrender
2. Overload
3. It Hurts
4. Everything’s Magic
5. Paralyzed
6. Moon as My Witness
7. Anxiety
8. The Adventure
9. The Wolfpack
10. I Miss You - There Is - Aliens Exist
11. Hallucinations
12. Young London
13. Kiss With a Spell
14. Rebel Girl
15. Kiss & Tell
16. Breathe

17. Do It for Me Now
18. Heaven

Author: Elizabeth Manuel